The Murder Professor

The Murder Professor - A Division and Rush Mystery

The Murder Professor is a 100 page black & white graphic novel collecting the first story arc of the Division & Rush webcomic, originally commissioned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group.

The Murder Professor is a crime story with pitch black humor that explores the intersection of the celebrity caused by the 24/7 news cycle and lack of closure when evidence is circumstantial and nothing can be known beyond a reasonable doubt.

“When ex-cop Stu Peterman is acquitted of murdering his wives, he does what anyone in his situation would do: he starts giving seminars on “How Murderers Get Caught.” As spouses start dropping like flies, Detectives Division and Rush must stare down an angry mayor, a mutinous football team, a reality TV star, an improbable army of Stu Peterman groupies and an investigative reporter with a little too much drive as they try to make the city safe for bickering couples.”

And unlike _some_ comic book publishers, we’re holding the line at $2.99 for the digital edition.

About the Authors

Writer Todd Allen has covered the comic book industry for over a decade reporting for Publishers Weekly, Chicago Tribune, The Beat and Comic Book Resources.  As a contributing editor to The Beat, his work has been nominated for an Eisner and named to TIME’s Top 25 blogs of 2015.  He was admitted to the Mystery Writers of America for the Division and Rush webcomic.  He taught eBusiness in the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management department of Columbia College Chicago and has consulting on digital topics for organizations like American Medical Association, National PTA, McDonald’s, Sears, TransUnion and Navistar.

Artist Scott Beaderstadt is best known as the co-creator of Trollords, one the most popular independent comics of the mid-80s.

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