Economics of Digital Comics

Economics of Digital Comics

Advance praise for Economics of Digital Comics:

“…this is really a book everyone in the comics business should read, especially people going into various digital models, from crowdfunding to subscription to pay what you want. “

Heidi MacDonald,  Editor in Chief – The Beat/; Co-Editor – Publishers Weekly Comics World

“With a veritable mountain of footnotes, citations and original reporting at his disposal, Todd Allen has pulled back the curtain on digital comics. If you truly want to understand the trajectory of the the comics industry for the last 10 years – not to mention the next ten years – then you’re going to want to read this book.”

Josh Elder, Founder of Reading With Pictures and Comics Ambassador for the US State Department

What Is Economics of Digital Comics?

Webcomics. Comics as eBooks. Plain old fashioned printed comics. Does anybody actually make any money off this stuff? Believe it or not some people actually do, though it’s not as easy as you might think it is. Economics of Digital Comics walks the reader through the history and business models of the modern comics world, starting with the “traditional” print formats and progressing through the new digital formats, then compares what is necessary to hit revenue benchmarks in each format.

Author Todd Allen has covered the comic book industry for over a decade reporting for Publishers Weekly, Chicago Tribune, The Beat and Comic Book Resources.  As a contributing editor to The Beat, his work has been nominated for an Eisner and named to TIME’s Top 25 blogs of 2015.  He was admitted to the Mystery Writers of America for the Division and Rush webcomic.  He taught eBusiness in the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management department of Columbia College Chicago and has consulting on digital topics for organizations like American Medical Association, National PTA, McDonald’s, Sears, TransUnion and Navistar.

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