Hardboiled Magic

When businesses have a problem, they call a consultant.  When businesses have a problem that’s paranormal, they call Mister Lewis. Consulting can involve doing unpleasant work for unpleasant people and Mister Lewis does the most unpleasant work of all.

A sardonic mix of horror, contemporary fantasy and detective fiction.

Student Loans Paid in Blood

Student Loans Paid in Blood



What does an occult detective do when a mad god owes him money?

Taking a political client on a referral, Mister Lewis discovers that not every Asgardian is deceased. A discovery that leaves him with a dead client and an unpaid bill.

Following the mad god’s trail into a world of student loans paid off by blood sacrifice, of industrial espionage that comes from beyond the grave and where urban renewal leaves a trail of corpses.

It’s a sarcasm-drenched escapade to settle up accounts across an absurdist landscape of ghosts, warlocks, gods and Human Resources.

The Cursed Apps

The Cursed Apps

What’s the lifetime value of a dead customer?

In a desperate bid to prevent being ousted from his own company, a startup founder accidentally draws the attention of necromancers looking to protect their secrets.

Occult attention spills over from the founder to his shady investor, whose entire portfolio becomes infested as a food delivery app delivers vampires, a dating app transmigrates souls and social media influencer’s video game creates literal zombie followers.

Are the apps cursed or is something even worse in play?

It’s tale of death and revenge set against a sardonic landscape of tech startups and venture capital as Mister Lewis tries to prevent metaphysically weaponized greed from burning down the world.


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